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This page has some of the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about White Star Medical, a Record Book of unusual records set within the company, recruitment information for people who want to join the team and a chance to meet the staff.

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Just the FAQS

Where are you based?
In South Bucks, our Address, telephone numbers (including the on call number) etc are on the contact page.

Part of uniform and kit

How far from South Bucks will you cover?
We cover the whole of the UK and Europe but have gone further. The current record holders for distance from our office are Elliott Rodgers who worked at a VIP event in Morroco (about 1,300 miles as the crow flies) and Clive Wilson, who regularly flies on school trips to Poland (about 900 miles as the crow flies).

You're a genuine company?
Yes. White Star Medical Limited is a limited company, registration number: 6572593. White Star Medical Limited was previously called White Star Associates.

What level of public liability insurance do you have?
We have Public Liability and Medical Indemnity to one million pounds.

What training do your staff have?
Event staff along with first aid or medical training also get training in: radio use, dealing with emergencies, customer service, setting up and running of first aid or medical points. Some staff have taken further training in: blue light driving, 4x4 driving, water rescue or major incident management. All event staff satisfy the HSE reccomendations for first aid and medical staff at public events. New staff have to undergo probationary periods and mentoring with experienced staff.

Our teaching staff combine their training in teaching, alongside their first aid or medical skills. Many trainers also work on the event cover team, mentoring new staff and keeping their practical skills as good as their teaching skills.

Do you CRB check your staff?
Yes. Staff undergo reference checks including CRB checks. Staff also normally work in pairs (as per HSE reccomendations for first aid and medical staff at public events).

What experience of medical management at larger events does White Star Medical have?
White Star Medical as a company has staff who are trained and experienced in medical management including music events with 30,000+ attendees and those which are large because of the distances involved like walks and cycle rides.

What ages and abilities do you cater for on training courses?
On training courses, students have ranged from seven to eighty two and have had a range of backgrounds, from Nursery Nurses and Youth Workers to Builders and Shop Workers. A bespoke course was created for a group of ALDD (Adults with Learning Difficulties and Disabilities) students.

Where did you get your website from?
It was built in house by Webby, our Webmaster (read interview with Webby). Here at White Star Medical we have used Names.co for our hosting for the past five years.

Records Book

Here are some of the records from the White Star Medical Book of Records, some of the detail has been removed to preserve patient/customer information.

Highest Ever Patient Treated - 38,000 feet
This record is held by Clive Wilson who treated a young woman for a reaction to something she'd eaten. Reaction believed to be Quorn which was not confirmed, aircraft almost diverted for a priority landing.

Longest Distance Worked From The Office - 1,300 miles as the crow flies
Elliott Rodgers worked in Morrocco at a VIP event.

Most Days Worked Outside UK
Clive has worked in Poland for 15 days (non continous) or Elliott who was away in Morrocco for 6 days.

Most Unusual Patient Treated
This is currently held by two patients. A young boy who trapped a body part in his trouser zip & a 17 year old girl who needed cutting out of handcuffs (non fluffy!).

Most Unusual Event
This is another record with a joint first, between a viking raid and Lawn Mower Racing!

Oldest Student Taught First Aid
Eighty two year old lady.

Youngest Student Taught First Aid
Seven year old girl.

Busiest Casualty Count
A bank holiday sports event. Between 11am Saturday and 6pm Monday ninety three casualties treated. 21 went to hospital, 5 by ambulance (3 spinal boarded, 1 had an air ambulance on standby).

Worst use of the Q Word
Made on a BMX track at a regional event. "You guys have had a quiet day haven't you. " Less than two minutes later, a rider crashed on the first turn and broke his wrist

Note: For those who aren't aware. The use of the Q word is legendary amongst nearly all members of the armed forces, medical, rescue and law enforcement organisations as tempting fate.

Weirdest Search Term Used To Find This Website
"Nan fallen downstairs now what?" (How about 999...Hello Ambulance Service?) or "How to Name a New Star?" (Ask Simon Cowell)

Strangest Question Asked
There are so many of these! One that's often asked. "Are you the First Aid/Medical Team/St John Ambulance/Red Cross? (Was it the the words White Star Medical/First Aid Signs or the big shiny Ambulance that confused you?)

Another strangest question is "May I park here?" (So tempting to say yes or We don't mind but the traffic warden might!). Another classic is when people walk into the First Aid Post or Medical Point and ask "Do you have a plaster?" (Yeah any size up to 8" square, how big do you want it?")

Most Asked Question
Where are the toilets?

Most Worrying Person
The mother who lost her eighteen month old son at a busy country fair. Instead of asking the police, stewards or WSM Staff in a RRV she sent her two and a half year old son to look for his lost brother with the inevitable results.

White Star Medical History

Formed in 2003 and originally called White Star Associates, White Star Medical was started by a group of friends who volunteered together in a search and rescue unit. In the search and rescue unit training was as realistic as it could be as it was fully understood that lives, including fellow members, would often depend on it. Outside of the unit, in their "normal jobs" they noticed that first aid courses were often taught badly, by those who didn't have practical experience dealing with "real" emergencies. They decided to teach it better and bring a lot more of the "real world" into the classroom so students were better trained and prepared to deal with emergencies.

Soon after starting training courses, they were asked to cover a local one day festival as the planned first aid cover had pulled out, meaning the festival was in danger of being cancelled. All the skills and experience they had meant this was easily possible. While covering the festival they were asked to provide cover at other events and provide more training.

Part of uniform and kit

First aid or medical cover is now delivered at a range of events from small fetes and festivals, sporting events, charity walks and runs alongside high profile VIP and corporate events at locations including Trafalgar Square, City of London and along The River Thames.

Training courses have been run for a wide range of student groups from Builders to Youth Workers to Adults with learning difficulties and disabilities. The youngest student taught was seven years old and a fantastic student, as soon as she'd finished she went and showed the rest of the family how to do the recovery position and promised to come and work for us in eleven years!

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Last updated: 13th May 2008.

Meet The Staff

Every once in a while there will be a chance to meet a member of staff and read an interview with them. Previous interviews have included (Webby (Webmaster, interviewed by Charlie).

In July Webby sat down with Sarah, a nurse who joined the events team this spring, during a break at a recent charity event and asked some questions.

Sarah's ID

Webby: You've been here for a few months now. How you settling in?
Sarah: Yeah it's been great, everyone has made me feel very welcome.
Webby: Anything interesting happened yet?
Sarah: Well I was on the team who dealt with the little lad who got caught in his fly zip at my first event. That was interesting.
Webby: That sounds painful.. ow! No really it does.
Sarah: It was, the poor little lad, the other three there were all male and dealt with the lad as quick as they could with crossed legs!
Webby: Enough of that then. Any events your looking forward to?
Sarah: I really like BMX, I've done a few of them. I'm looking forward to doing some festivals.
Webby: BMX tends to be good to work. Festivals, you going for the camping and the mud or the music.
Sarah: Maybe all of them!
Webby: Okay then, talking of going away, how was the holiday in Turkey? Where's my postcard?
Sarah: It was awesome, so didn't want to come home! The postcard.. er yeah.. er you know how dodgy the post can be in these foreign places!
Click here to read rest of the interview...

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