Contact WSM

There are a range of ways to contact White Star Medical, including over the internet. If you are calling about an event that is less than 14 days away then please fill out the Event Cover Quote form and telephone the office or On Call Manager.

Mailing Address & Telephone Numbers

Mailing Address: 234 Aylsham Drive, Ickenham, Uxbridge. UB10 8UF.
Telephone: 01895 470511
24 hour Duty Managers 07981 812 191/07719 060916

Online Contact Form

The contact form was completely redesigned with the new website launch to make it easy to use without allowing malicious web code or spam to be sent. All information entered is validated and error checked, a majority of these checks are "as you type". There are certain errors which may prevent you sending a message for example: invalid e-mail. All the details stored in the contact form can be saved in a cookie to save time later by clicking the checkbox Remember Form.

Remember Form

Supply your details

You must supply your name and a valid e-mail (and confirm it). Other details cannot have an error (ie: abc as a phone number) or you will be unable to continue sending a message.

*Confirm e-mail
Telephone No.
Alternate Telephone No.

You must enter a valid name, valid e-mail and confirm your e-mail before you can continue.

Event Details

If you are enquiring about an event you have already sent information about please use Other Message tp contact the sales department.

Please supply as many details as possible about your event. If you wish to use information that you have previously entered into The CRATE please select the checkbox under Risk Assessmenst.

The more information that you provide the quicker we will be able to supply you with a quote. Once there is enough information, it normally takes two working days to have a quote ready. The MINIMUM information required to supply an accurate quote is: WHAT is happening (preferably with risk assesment details and/or staffing levels), WHEN it is happening and WHERE it is happening (accurate location, preferably with a postcode). Without these we will be unable to provide a quote.

Event Name
Date of Event (dd/mm/yyyy)
Times (24 hour clock) Start at Ending at
OR How many hours cover is required?

Where is the event
(inc. postcode if possible)
Is there a website about the
event (supply link)?

Risk Assessments

Please choose one Risk Assessment method from below.

Use The CRATE Cookie
Use Manual CRATE Score
Use HSE ESG Score
Use Other Risk
FA     Amb     +Amb Crew     D  
N       NHS Mgr       SU       Risk  

Enter Message


Please supply details about what course you require.

Please select which courses are of interest.

Workplace Courses
First Aid at Work (4 Day)
First Aid at Work Refresher
Appointed Person
Children/Youth Courses
Emergency Life Support (Children, 6hr)
Emergency Life Support (Children, 12hr)
Courses for the Public
Public First Aid Course
Emergency Life Support (Adult)
Emergency Life Support (Children)
Other Courses
Epi-Pen Use
Oxygen Administration
Automated External Defibrillator
Training Exercises

When is training needed?
Location for course (in UK)
Estimated Number of Students

It would help if you could include a student profile in your message.

Enter Message

Other Messages

It will help speed up your message if it is sent to the correct place.

Where is message for?

Enter Message

Message Subject:


The contact form has been designed to make it as easy as possible to use and ensure that the correct information is sent to White Star Medical. Certain restrictions are in place when using the contact form. You cannot use the <> characters, this is to prevent malicious script code being sent. The character ; is also blocked as it is used when saving contact form details into a Cookie.

To return to filling out the contact form click on the Show Form button below.

Cookie Use

If the Remember Form Contents checkbox is ticked then details will be stored in a Cookie, for more on Cookie Use please see the privacy policy. Cookies are saved after entering your details or on exiting the contact form.

Entering Your Details

You must provide a name, an e-mail and confirm e-mail before selecting a message type.

The following rules apply in this section:

  • Name. Must be alphabetical (upper or lower) or space ' -
  • E-mail. Must be a valid e-mail format ie:
  • Confirm e-mail. Must be a valid e-mail format ie: and match the e-mail
  • Company/Organisation. Must be alphabetical (upper or lower) or '-,:£.&@ and space.
  • Phone Number. Must be a number or ()-+*# or space.
  • Alternate Phone Number. Must be a number or ()-+*# or space.

Message Type. This will become active when a name, a valid e-mail is entered and confirmed. If any other field has an error it be blocked.

  • Event Cover Quote. This is for requesting a quote for medical or first aid event cover.
  • Training Enquiry. This is for requesting a quote for a training course.
  • Other Messages. All other messages including messages to staff or individual departments including the webmaster.

Event Cover Quote

This section should be used for initial event cover quotes, messages about events that have already been quoted for should be sent to the relevant staff member or the sales team (Other Messages). The more information that can be provided the better.

  • Event Name. Must be alphabetical (upper or lower) or '-,:£.
  • Event Date. Must be a valid date in thr format dd/mm/yy and date in the future. If treh date is within fourteen days, an alert will appear requesting that you contact the office.
  • Event Time. Either the start time, end time or amount of hours of cover.
  • Event Location. Must be alphabetical (upper or lower) or 1-9 -',:£.&@ and space
  • Event Website. A valid website address.
  • Risk Assessments. Details of your Risk Assessment. You can only use one method.
    • Use The CRATE Cookie. If a Cookie from The CRATE exists you can add details by ticking this box. If no Cookie exists it will be greyed out.
    • Use Manual CRATE Score. If you tick this box then a box will appear enabling you to add a score and click calculate.
    • Add Event Safety Guide Score. A drop down menu will appear allowing you to add the information from the Health & Safety Event Safety Guide into the Contact Form.
    • Other Risk. If you have carried out another risk assesment, please put details in the main message.
    • Staff NumbersThe coprresponding boxes for staff numbers based on the chosen risk assessments.

Training Enquiry

This section is for sending messages requesting training courses from White Star Medical.

  • Courses List. Tick the boxes for the courses that you are interested in.
  • Training Date. If known, an estimate of when the course is required.
  • Course Location. Where in the UK the course(s) need to be run.
  • Estimated Student Numbers. The approximate amount of students.

Other Messages

This section is for sending messages that aren't event cover quotes or training quote. It includes messages to individual departments and memebers of staff. When sending other or admin messages you can add a subject unlike other areas of the form.

  • Message to. Pick a department or staff member.
  • Subject. Enter a subject for the e-mail.

Entering Message

The message box uses "as you type" spam detection for both spam words and spam phrases with score weighting. The percentage of spam may go up and down as you type your message. Once possible spam goes above a certain level the traffic light will go amber. If the percentage goes beyond 100% the submit button will be locked out.

It was decided to employ a degree of anti spam on the new contact form as the previous website at it's worst was getting over two hundred spam messages per day.