Events Covered

White Star Medical has experience providing First Aid Cover or Medical Cover at a wide range of events, some of these are listed below.

First aid or medical posts can be created almost anywhere, at White Star Medical first aid staff and medical teams enjoy taking on the challenges of setting up and working in unusual places. Some of the locations have included.

First Aid Cover or Medical Event Cover

Medical Event Cover staff stand by at the finish line at a \'Race For Life\'

First aid cover or medical event cover has become an intregal part at public, sporting and corporate events. Visitors see that event organisers aren't overlooking safety and have a place to go to in an emergency. Most insurance companies now require a minimum first aid or medical cover of the suggested level in The HSE Event Safety Guide (also known as The Purple Book) and wont issue an insurance policy without it.

First aid or medical cover should include when any staff are on working on site setting up and taking down of an event. The Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 states employers have to provide adequate and appropiate equipment, facilities and personnel to enable first aid to be given to employees if they are injured or become ill at work. These regulations apply to all workplaces including events regaqrdless of type and no distinction is made between staff that are paid workers or who are volunteers.

At smaller events one of the team will take on the role of link person so event organisers and their staff have a named contact and mobile phone number. At larger or more complex events medical management can be put in place. White Star Medical can use dedicated "red phones" for dealing with emergency responses.

Cultural and Religious Diversity

White Star Medical maintains independence of any faith but understands that some events require sensitivity because of culture or faith. A variety of events that have been covered needed this sensitivity to ensure that the needs of a paticular faith or culture were observed. If you are organising an event and feel that extra adaptations will be needed to please contact the office, some adaptations may take time to put in place.

First Aid and Medical Event Staff

Ambulance outside a first aid post

White Star Medical event cover staff combine their first aid or medical skills with customer service, map reading, radio use and incident management at emergencies.

Staff carry company photo ID, wear company uniform, and if needed high visibility clothing conforming to CEN471 regulations. Alternatively, it can be a covert medical or first aid team that blends in with visitors or event staff until needed. The team can either wear uniforms to match other event organisers staff or plain clothes.

If required White Star Medical Ltd will provide names, qualifications and photographs of staff that will be working at their event, before the start of an event. There may be a small charge for this.

First Aid or Medical Event Cover Risk Assesments

Part of the risk assesments when planning an event should include an assesment for what First Aid Cover or Medical Cover will be required. There is a set of tables in Chapter 22 of The HSE Event Safety Guide (also known as The Purple Book) for calculating staffing levels. You can also use the online tool available to White Star Medical website visitors The CRATE (Computerised Risk Assesment Tool for Events). If you don't wish to use The CRATE, White Star Medical can carry out a FREE, no obligation risk assesment and provide a quote for first aid cover or medical event cover please contact the office to discuss this.

Event Cover Quotes

"Your coverage last year was by far the best service we have received from any medical response and we still thank you for the efforts of your team and look forward to working with you this year." e-mail from Ian (2007, Road Race organiser)

In order to prepare a quote to provide First Aid or Medical Event Cover you will need to provide a MINIMUM of at least: the date and times, what is happening at the event, what risks are at the event, how many people are taking part in the event including audiences and an exact location (preferably a postcode).

White Star Medical aims to use a one person point of contact with customers meaning they get one person at the office who deals with them and the customer knows who to ask for. Customers are given a mobile phone number and individual email for the person to ensure ease of communication. This link person will take the customer through the quote process, right up to the arrival of the event cover team on site where the liasion person takes over. Over the years it has been found this ensures the best customer service is given.

Please note: Providing a quote is NOT confirmation of a booking. Unless otherwise specified no booking will be confirmed unless a deposit is paid and contract signed.

HSE Event Safety Guide

Click to buy HSE Event Safety Guide

The HSE Event Safety Guide (also known as The Purple Book) contains a lot of useful information for those who are planning or running events. It is used by HSE or local authority inspectors, insurance companies and those supplying event services. Chapter 22 contains a wealth of information about first aid and medical event cover. Outline details are noted below:

To purchase a copy of The HSE Event Safety Guide from Amazon click on the book cover on the right.