The library contains free to download information, factsheets and so on. These are either created by training staff or other people with the background knowledge to create them. There are also links to other sources of information that are of useful to share. Permission is always asked before placing these links (unless blanket permission is already in place). All information is thoroughly checked and verified before it is placed in the library if you believe there is an inaccuracy please let us know via the contact form.

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Useful Documents

The following are all PDFs

GCS Chart - Glasgow Coma Scale (created in 1974 by the Scottish neurosurgeons Graham Teasdale and Bryan Jennett), includes correlation with AVPU (Mackay, Burke et al)

NATO phonetic alphabet. The standard NATO phonetic alaphabet.

Patient History taking (NASTYMATE) - A method of taking a patients history which is ideally suited to First Aiders but works at various levels of qualification. It was created by Elliott Rodgers from White Star Medical.

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