Link Exchanges

These are the guidelines for linking to White Star Medical.

Links will not be exchanged with sites that contain content in the list below. This list is not exhaustive, the final decision as to whether a link will be accepted lies with the webmaster. Links may be refused without stating a reason.

White Star Medical host the images used for banners, this saves those who link bandwidth, some people don't have ftp access and it allows for the occasionally updates to the banners with new designs. These new designs stay within an existing theme (eg: sports is replaced with sports) and may reflect the time of year (eg: Happy New Year). They will never have inappropiate content.

If your webhost doesn't allow image hosting from another source (most good webhosts do), you can save an image to upload to your website by right clicking on it and you will need to change the part of the code by the <img src="filename" in the webcode box so that filename is the same as you save it.

All Banners, buttons and images © 2008 White Star Medical. All the banners, buttons and images were created inhouse and use photographs taken by White Star Medical staff.

Sites with any of the following will not be linked to

To have your site added

  1. Check your site is not one of the banned sites above, if not sure contact the webmaster to check.
  2. Add the link to your site using one of the methods below
  3. contact the webmaster including details of what you want your link to say, the alt and title tag text.
  4. Once the link to White Star Medical has been verified then your link will be added to the Link Exchange or in a relevant category.

Information for Webmasters

The links page robots meta tag is "index, follow" (that is follow links but don't link the page itself)
The robots.txt file is set to allow search engine robots and spiders to visit.

Link Types

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