Online Tools

There are a number of FREE online tools available to website visitors to use. Please see the notes on individual tools for more information, more tools will be added in the near future.

Some of these online tools require Javascript to work and Cascading StyleSheets/Cookies for functionality.

The Tools


(Computerised Risk Assesment Tool for Events).

Designed and developed inhouse by White Star Medical The CRATE is an online risk assesment tool to help in planning levels of first aid or medical cover at events.

The CRATE needs Javascript to work and Cascading StyleSheets for functionality. It uses cookies (if available) to store details for next time it is used and to pass information to The QuickPad and Contact Form. Cookies are kept for a year.

The QuickPad

The QuickPad is a simple notepad that saves the text into a cookie allowing you to keep your notes until you visit again, transfer details in from The CRATE and output all the text into the contact form.

The CRATE needs Javascript and Cookies to load/save and transfer text and data in/out. Cascading StyleSheets will provide full functionality. Cookies are kept for a year.

Website Colour Changer

The Colour Switcher allows you to switch to another colour scheme on the website, this may be of use to dyslexics, visually impaired or colour blind.

This tool requires Javascript, Cascading StyleSheets and Cookies to work properly.

Your choice of scheme is remembered for a year.

The Library

The Library has a number of useful documents with a first aid or medical theme, most created by White Star Medical and are in PDF format.

Javascript, Cascading StyleSheets and Cookies are not needed by The Library.

The Bookshop

This has useful books for those with an interest in studying first aid, emergency medicine, teaching and such like. Every book has been reviewed by at least one member of staff.

The Bookshop works without Javascript, Cascading StyleSheets or Cookies.


Categories of useful links from around the Internet.

Javascript, Cascading StyleSheets and Cookies are not needed to use the links page.