Nursery staff practices CPR on Baby Annie

In an emergency having good first aid training can make a vital difference. Something as simple as turning an unconscious casualty into the recovery position could be enough to save their life, a technique that children as young as seven years old have been taught and used on adults in the real world.

"A student I taught ended up doing CPR and saving her Grandmothers life when she collasped unconscious with a heart attack at a family Christmas party.
She was the only first aider there. She was the only person who didn't panic. She was eleven years old. "
Elliott Rodgers.

White Star Medical offers a range of first aid courses both to the public and in the workplace, all taught by trainers with knowlegde both in the classroom and out in the real world. Courses inclulde both theory and practice, using realistic scenarios whether as a practical exercise, a tabletop exercise or using one of the custom made scenario photos.

Alongside training First Aiders in the Workplace White Star Medical also offers first aid consultancy. Delivering advice on completing first aid risk assesments according to the legal requirements, planning for equipment needs and implementing the first aid role in the workplace. You don't have to get both the training and consultancy as one package.

Workplace Courses

A nail that has gone straight through someones hand

The Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 require employers to provide adequate and appropiate equipment, facilities and personnel to enable first aid to be given to employees if they are injured or become ill at work. These regulations apply to all workplaces.

White Star Medical offers First Aid at Work courses, First Aid at Work Refreshers and an Appointed Person Course (6 hours).

Did you know that First Aid at Work legislation is currently going through an overhaul review by the HSE? The proposals will make a massive difference to employers and first aiders in the workplace. These changes are expected to start becoming law next year. If you would like help dealing with the impending changes please Contact the office.

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Public Courses

Medical emergencies sadly can happen at home, a quiet barbecue with family and friends can quickly become a medical emergency or a loved one can fall ill. White Star Medical runs offers courses outside of the workplace; The Public First Aid Course (4 Day or 24 hour classroom time), Emergency Life Support (6 hours) and Emergency Life Support for Children (6 hours).

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Children/Youth Worker Courses

A small girl lies injured, bleeding from the face

These courses are specifically aimed at those who are working with children and young people. The current First Aid at Work syllabus does not include children, this is likely to stay after the changes so additional training is needed.

A 12 hour Emergency Life Support for Children course provides a syallbus which satisfies the requirements of bodies such Department for Childrens, Schools and Families (formerly the DfES). From 2008 this course will include a short section on the use of Epi-Pens due to the increasing interest from customers but there is insufficent time on the 6 hour course to include this.

The Public First Aid Course and Emergency Life Support for Children Course (6 hour) may also be suitable.

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Other Courses

White Star Medical has a range of other courses available including Automated Defibrillator training, Epi-Pen training and oxygen administration.

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Training for Disabled Persons

White Star Medical has a policy in keeping within both the legal requirements and the spirit of The Disability Discrimination Act 1995. Trainers do everything they can to assist all students in learning first aid regardless of any disability. Courses can be adapted to suit groups with similar disabilities, however the First Aid at Work course requirements are set in law and may not suit all disabled students.

Recently a bespoke first aid course was created and sucessfully taught to a group of mixed ALDD students (adults with learning difficulties and disabilities) as part of an existing World of Work Course.

To help us to accomodate students with a disability, it is appreciated if as much notice before the course starts is given. If you would like an informal and confidental chat with a course trainer please contact the office .